Clutch Bags: Redefining the Style of the Man

We're living in a time where we are constantly pushing the bar on many societal stigmas and social rules. To our benefit, the style of man is no exception to this. With the evolution of style, men have been examining ways to push the unique qualities of style and fashion in an effort to expand on expression and explore creative freedom. As such, the rise of different stylish trends have made its way into our culture. One particular rising trend has been man bags, particularly clutch bags. Clutch bags are just as they sound.


Clutch bags are smaller in size bags that is big enough to carry necessities, but small enough to "clutch" or hold onto with one hand. This is different from say, a "man purse" because there is typically no strap attached to the bag. It is typically held. The idea of the clutch bag being a thing for men was foreign to society, given the past nature of these bags being for women, but in recent times, they have expanded on a man's fashion game to limitless heights. These bags that come in many different forms and are made from all types material and every man who is looking to compliment his outfit is sporting one.


Encompassing a bag to compliment an outfit has been the highlight of what they are used for or a man can use them to juxtapose colors that will allow for his fit and his bag to converse with one another in such a way that in a room full of people, he would be the man of the hour.

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