Look Your Best This Summer with Patterns

Summer is a very interesting time for fashion. Unlike all of the other seasons, which celebrate the idea of adding articles to outfits, Summer reverences the creativity of fashion by seeing how one can expand on outfits while taking away articles of clothing. With that in mind, a person must understand that if they want to be noticed, they must submerge themselves in the art of wearing patterned clothing and accent pieces.

Patterns are incredible in that they highlight an outfit in ways that would otherwise have not made your outfit noticeable and made you a phenom. Patterned clothing act as accent pieces in an outfit, which means you really don’t need more than one and definitely don’t want to wear more than three. You must walk a fine line with patterned pieces; they can make or break your outfit. I’ve seen time and time again, a person wearing too many patterns and it causes a clash within their outfit. When you wear too many patterned pieces, the eyes don’t know what to look at. It tires the brain and causes people to look away – almost like waking up late at night and immediately turning on the lights. The only thing you can do is shield your eyes.


For beginners, wear a subtle outfit and use the patterned piece as an accent piece. By doing that, eyes will be on you at the next barbecue.